Team Selection Process

Updated Sunday January 20, 2019 by OYO.

OYO strives to balance its teams and create parity in each league by selecting players based on evaluation scores.

During the 2018 Spring and Fall seasons, we asked all coaches to evaluate their players. This would ensure every returning player would have an evaluation the following spring. The parents of all new players to OYO are being asked to complete a self-evaluation of each player. This would help us have more skill-appropriate evaluations for a greater number of players entering the team selection process.

This information is balanced with input from all coaches in the league in ranking players. As a check-and-balance measure, each league (except tee-ball) will hold a coaches meeting to review evaluation scores and make adjustments as needed and is approved by the group.

Here’s how the process works for baseball:

  • Based on the number of registered players at the time of the coaches meeting, OYO determines how many teams will be needed. All Junior Rookie, Rookie, Minor, Super Major, and Junior Baseball team rosters must have a minimum of 9 players per team and a maximum of 12 players per team at the conclusion of the formation of all teams.
  • All Head Coaches are required – and assistant coaches are encouraged – to meet at a public location for full review of all the players registered at the time of the meeting. A master list will be provided dividing players by age then by evaluation score. In a league of 9 and 10 year olds, the 10 year olds would be ordered from top to bottom by evaluation score, followed by the 9 year olds in the same manner. In a league of 10 teams, the ranked order by score would be split every tenth player. Round 1 is made of the 10 highest ranked players, round 2 the next ten, round 3 the next ten, and so on. Any 11 year-olds playing down will be mixed in with 10s and any 8 year olds playing up will be mixed in with the 9s.
  • The spreadsheet for each league will include each player’s total evaluation score and, in applicable leagues, each player’s pitching and catching evaluation scores. In those leagues, a “no score” indicates a player did not pitch or catch the previous season.
  • Any coach may recommend moving a player forward or backward in the respective age group of its league rankings. To do so during this coaches meeting, a coach must make a motion and recommend the new placement. Coaches will have two minutes to discuss the proposal. At the end of the two minute timeframe, the league commissioner may elect to extend the discussion for an additional two minutes or call for a vote on adjusting the player’s rank. Action will be based on majority vote. If there’s a tie, the executive board member present breaks the tie.
  • At the conclusion of the player ranking review, the commissioner will ask for a vote to approve the final list of players and the rounds they appear in.
  • Following the meeting, the commissioner will then be responsible for assigning one player from each round to each team. Players will be placed in rounds by age, then ranked as approved by the coaches from highest performer to lowest performer (note, it’s “performer” and not “performance score”).  A coach is automatically assigned his/her child as well as the child of his/her assistant coach. All teams are guaranteed only one assistant coach assignment so long as it does not result in two players from the first round. Each team ends up with a similar number of players, but most likely not a full roster.

The league commissioners will build teams with the following considerations (in the following order):

  • Head coaches will be guaranteed one assistant coach request, so long as both players are not in the first round of the same age group
  • Families with siblings in the same league will have their children assigned to the same team, even if both players evaluation scores rank them in the same round
  • Only one player associated with a league sponsor per team
  • Team sponsor requests will take precedence over head coach-assistant coach requests when there are same-round conflicts
  • Balancing of number of pitchers and catchers assigned to each team in Minors/Super Majors/Junior Baseball
  • Play-together (or other related) requests made by parents will be monitored by each commissioner and granted only where the integrity of team balance is not affected
  • Balancing of assistant coach and team parent volunteers when possible
  • Mandatory Rule: If any requests involve two players in the same round (not applicable in the first round), the team shall forfeit a previous round selection. No requests involving two first round selections will be granted except for players living in the same household. Teams may only double up on players in the same round one time for each age group.

There will be a final review by an executive board member. If necessary, changes will be made at the discretion of the league’s executive board member who shall consult with the league commissioner. In the end, OYO hopes this system creates greater parity and fairness for all teams in a league.


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